Spiritual Reinforcement

Psalm 119:74  “May those who fear you rejoice when they see me coming, for I have put my hope in your Word.”

The psalmist put his hope in God’s Word because he trusted in it.  He knew God’s Word to be true.  So much so, that he wrote the longest chapter in the Bible (176 verses) to communicate his praise of and loyalty to God’s Word. The psalmist’s words reveal that he was someone who was often persecuted and pursued by his enemies, but he found his strength, wisdom, comfort, joy, hope, protection and victory through God and His Word.  You cannot hope in something which is not trustworthy and solid especially on the spiritual battlefield.  No army would win a war if its soldiers ignored their commanders orders and followed their own plans.  If a soldier doesn’t do what he is told by the commanding officer, it is considered insubordination.  It is an act of disrespect and rebellion for which the soldier can be court-martialed.  If we do not believe and follow all of God’s Word, do we really fear or revere Him?  Are we not like the insubordinate soldier thinking we are wiser than the One in command?  Matthew Henry wrote, “The tempter would make men think they are at liberty to follow the Word of God or not, as they please.”  That is a battle plan with disastrous results.  When God’s people in the Old Testament succeeded in battle, it was because they did exactly what God said. They trusted His wisdom and Word even though at times they didn’t understand it, or the orders seemed strange as in the Battle of Jericho in Joshua chapter 6.  When they ignored God’s commands and did as they pleased, their losses were staggering. “Jerusalem staggers, Judah is falling; their words and deeds are against the LORD, defying His glorious presence” (Isaiah 3:8).  So whose word is commanding your life?

Christians are in a spiritual battle fighting for eternal life and freedom from the oppression of sin. We need to revere God, to trust His wisdom and Word.  In Psalm 119:79, the psalmist went on to connect reverence for or fear of God with understanding His Word which theologian, John Wesley, describes as loving and practicing it.  Knowing that someone else understands and trusts in all of God’s Word assures believers that they are on the same side of these spiritual battles and following the same battle plan. There should be a sense of joy and comfort to see reinforcement coming; someone who is fighting on your side with the same and highest quality sword of the Spirit; someone who brings all of the strong armor of God, as opposed to armor with holes in it or parts missing; someone who you can trust in the spiritual foxhole.  Do others who revere God and His Word rejoice when they see you coming?  Do they know that you trust in God’s Word and bring spiritual reinforcement?  “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:15).

How might you be considered insubordinate to God’s Word?

How will you show that you revere God and His Word?

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